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Med Wait Time


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FAQ For Doctors
Q: Do I have to worry about dead-time?
A: No, the beauty of this system, designed by a physician, lies in how the wait information is displayed.  MedWaitTime recognizes that doctors do not want to wait for their patients and designed the system with this fact in mind.  For this very reason, doctors are not required to put in how long the wait is in minutes.  In fact, the actual wait time never has to be displayed to the patient.  Instead, the system informs patients of the wait outlook at your office using a unique color-coded system.  Therefore there are no concerns about patients showing up after their scheduled appointment time.
Q: Do I have to publish how late I am running behind in minutes?
A: No.  Our system requires you to state whether your wait time is “Green,” “Yellow,” or “Red.”  The default status for the system is “Green” and requests the patients to show up at their regularly scheduled appointment time. 
Q: What do “Green,” “Yellow,” and “Red” mean?
A: Each of the three colors signify the current wait status at your health care facility.  “Green” means little or no wait time, “Red” means some wait time, and “Yellow” is somewhere in between “Green” and “Red.”  The idea is to inform patients whether or not they will be waiting to see their doctor. Research shows that simply informing patients of the wait outlook will manage expectations and significantly improve patient satisfaction, as evidenced by this recent post:
I don’t mind waiting so much as I mind not being told that I would probably have to wait around X minutes. It’s amazing how clerical staff won’t tell you if the doctor/dentist is running behind and that your wait might be longer than the normal few minutes. I once had a dentist apologize to me for making me wait 30 minutes while I was in the patient’s chair already. That was nice of her, but it would have been more useful to have the clerk tell me that I’d likely be waiting for 30 minutes. I’d have been more prepared to wait rather than wonder what was going on.”  (post on New York Times, “Freakonomics” Blog).
Q: Is there a set wait time associated with “Green,” “Yellow,” and “Red?”
A: No.  There is no set wait time associated with each of the three colors.  This is done intentionally so that patients will not arrive later than their scheduled appointment time if you have not requested them to do so. 
Q: Can I request my patient to come later than their scheduled appointment time?
A: Yes. If you are experiencing delays and are running behind schedule, you may enter how many minutes you would like your patient to come after their scheduled appointment time.  We encourage doctors to use this feature in order to allow patients to use their time wisely, reduce congestion in the waiting room, and reduce stress on their staff. 
Q: How often do I have to update my wait time status?
A: You may update your status as often as you like.  It takes as little as 15 seconds to enter your wait time information.  To ensure accurate wait time information, the MedWaitTime system sends a reminder to you every 1 hour requesting you to update the wait information.   You will receive this reminder only if you are logged into your account. 
Q: What happens if I forget to update my status?
A: The default status for the system is “Green” and requests the patients to show up at his/her regularly scheduled appointment time.