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About Us

Don't Find Yourself Waiting at a Hospital or Unable to Find a Doctor's Appointment Again!
Use MedWaitTime & Tell Your Friends.

MedWaitTime is a FREE service that allows patients to: (1) find a doctor that can see you immediately and (2) find healthcare facilities including urgent care centers and emergency rooms with the lowest wait times and quickest availability.

We have developed an innovative system to get you the healthcare your need . . . fast.

Need a doctor asap? You can search our physician database to find doctors accepting appointments. Learn more about the doctor, credentials, practice style, and insurance accepted. Like what you see? Go ahead and request an appointment at your desired time right from the doctor's profile page. No need to call the doctor's office and get put on hold. Let the doctor's office contact you to confirm the appointment.

Also, feel free to check out your doctor's wait time on the day of the appointment.

Need an urgent care asap? You can search our database to find the urgent care with the lowest walk-in wait time. Choose the one most convenient for you, and GO!

Also providing quick access to emergency rooms, imaging centers (ex. x-rays & mri), physical therapists, and more...

Accessible by i-phone, blackberry, or other mobile devices

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The Value

In a world of ever-increasing demands, whether it is at work or at home, your time is a scarce resource. While you try to manage your time efficiently, there unfortunately are some situations that are out of your control. An example is trying to find a doctor as soon as possible that fits your needs and your schedule. You need to see a doctor now…not two weeks from now. Another example of this is the time spent waiting to see your doctor or get into an emergency room. Almost everyone can relate to the feelings of frustration and anxiousness as you find yourself unexpectedly waiting past your appointment time or not knowing when you will be seen. Your doctors and hospitals also recognize this problem and want to help you manage your time efficiently. Unfortunately, there is just no good system to manage and communicate these delays – until now.

Why the wait?

Immediate access to doctors and wait time at doctors' offices and hospitals are frequently the #1 complaint from patients. Healthcare, by its virtue, is unpredictable.

When you need immediate access to a doctor, you need it now, not one month from now. MedWaitTime allows you to search for primary care doctors and specialists that are currently accepting appointments. Search for the specialty you need, find the doctor, see his/her appointment availability, request an appointment with the click of a button, and you are on your way. Not next month, today. Now that is managing your time wisely.

Once you have an appointment, the amount of time spent by a doctor on a particular patient can vary from a few minutes to several hours or even longer and does not always neatly fit into an appointment window. Your doctor's primary concern is to give you the most comprehensive care while minimizing your wait time. For this reason, MedWaitTime is committed to providing you with the ability to immediately find a doctor that fits your needs and check the current wait time prior to your appointment. In some cases when the doctor is running late, he/she may even allow you to arrive after your scheduled appointment time, thereby minimizing your wait.

We help manage your ER/Urgent Care/X-Ray/ Physical Therapist wait times, too . . .

We realize that when you go to a hospital, it is because you want immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, extremely long wait times are often the reality. There is no service that allows you to check wait times for your local ER/Urgent Care/X-Ray/Physical Therapist and choose the care you need with the shortest wait time. Until now.

MedWaitTime provides you with the ability to search in your area and see current walk-in wait times. This way, you will know what to expect before you arrive. In some cases the wait times may vary significantly at your local healthcare facility and may affect your decision on where to go.* It is your emergency, we want to help you make good decisions quickly. Visit the ER/Urgent Care/X-Ray/Physical Therapist search section and experience the power of informed wait time decision-making.

* Please note, patients with the most serious illnesses/injuries are given priority. If this is an emergency, please call 911. Your specific wait times may be affected by the number of patients and/or the severity of their conditions.